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start filtering your traffic, not just track it


Never Pay For "Junk" Traffic Again

Oftentimes, people go through many redirects before getting to your page, and many will abandon your page before they get there. We ensure you NEVER pay for these "clicks".

No More Useless Traffic

Surprisingly, countless ad networks make you pay for traffic which doesn't even come from real people. With Filter Clicks, that never needs to happen to you.

Never See Filtered Out Clicks

Not only do you not have to pay for filtered clicks, you don't even have to see them unless you want to.

Get a Detailed Report On Every Click

Most solo ad networks won't give you much information on each click. With us, you'll get all the info you need every time.

Always Know How Much You're Making

Always see exactly how much money you're making from different sources, and where you're wasting your marketing funds.